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Custom Fly Rod Building


At some point you have the desire for something that does not exist off factory, or you are satisfied with one thing only 90% and you would like to have 100%. It's the same with a fly rod. Often the rod action fits but the handle is too short or the rings are too big etc. The finish is applied too thick and bulky or the color is inappropriate. I can build you a fly rod that is exactly tailored to your wishes and needs, which only exists once. Equal: timeless, personal, high quality and unique = UNIQUE CUSTOM FLY ROD


Why a custom built fly rod?


I will build every desired blank of your choice according to your needs and fishing requirements, whether carbon fiber or fiberglass, one-handed or double-handed switch or Spey. From no name Blanks to top range blanks of brands like V-Stick, CTS, BlueHalo, SAGE, EPIC etc. By accurately determining the "spine", the rings are precisely aligned on the line with the aid of a measurement formula in order to maximize the action and performance of the blank as optimally as possible.


The first step is always the initial thought of a unique and personal fly rod let's say the idea in your mind. I offer you expert and advisory support in finding and implementing your idea so that your dream fly rod can finally become truth. My eye and sense of form and design will help you with the design of your dream rod with words and deeds.


Mainly used are high-quality reel seats from brands like V-Stick, Lemke, Alps, REC and PacBay. I pay special attention to custom reel seats made of acrylic. These impress with their extraordinary appearance and absolute beauty. Of course I also make custom reel seats out of local or any kind of wood. As cream on the top I provide the butt plug and the winding check made from the same material as the spacer. 


The cork handle is made exclusively from high quality Portuguese cork. Only 6mm thin cork discs are used to get the best quality grip. To match the grip and round off the design i also implement different materials into the grip.  

In cooperation with the American artist Tim Johnson, I offer you the service to build and design your rod with a personal grip with pyrography art branding of your choice.

Cork is a natural product and is not completely puttied by me as it is the case for most brands and companies. I leave my grips just as natural as nature has created the cork! The individual rings are glued directly to the blank and then turned on the lathe to a high-quality handle. Thus the connection to the blank is as direct as possible and promises even more feeling when casting and landing fish. On request I also offer custom handles with carbon sleeve or PE coverings.



I prefer to use single foot guides as these have less impact to the natural action curve of the blank and brings more performance. First and foremost I prefer to use Recoil titanium flex rings from the company REC, which are flexible and therefore more robust and durable than conventional rings. Of corse I can build your rod with  every kind of rings from all manufactours out there (snake guides included)! 


A perfect flyrod also requires an impeccable ring winding and a precise, durable and not too thick finish. Depending on your needs, different silk or nylon threads can be used to achieve various effects. My specialty is the transparent wrap as it's called, rings almost seem to be glued in the blank;0) Applying multiple, thin layers of varnish result in a flat, smooth and straight finish with again benefits in all-round performance of the rod!



V-Stick Custom Flyrods also offers you to repair your old treasures or rebuild one of your rods according to your wishes and needs. Often a complete performance increase is achieved by a complete stripping (removal of all components except the blank) and the complete rebuilding of the rod. For damages of any kind, I also offer repairs. Price on request


Imagine having your name or your family flag or what else on your rod? No problem for me. I also offer decal design and printing service for other rod builders and YES also in white color!!!


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