Prices and Request

Have I gained your attention, or you have already an idea? Building a custom fly rod is always a very unique and individual process. Because of that it is very difficult to say what a V-Stick will cost because every single one has an over setup. If you have an idea about your dream fly rod so feel free to fill out the request form below. The more infos I have (color, length, purpose, kind of water, line weight, target fish, salt or fresh water etc) The more I know the better we can start with your individual concept;0)

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Complete rod construction * one hand without stripping **, material costs excl. ***


CHF 350.-


Complete rod construction * Two-handed Spey or Switch without stripping **, material costs excl. ***


CHF 450.-


Complete rod construction * one-handed with stripping **, material costs excl. ***


CHF 400.-


Complete rod construction * Two-handed Spey or Switch with stripping **, material costs excl. ***


CHF 500.-


Production of a custom acrylic roll holder without hardware only acrylic blank and its processing material costs excl. ***


CHF 75.-


Production of a custom fly rod handle with elliptical insert or with Herringscale pattern or pyrographic branding material costs excl.***


CHF 75.-


Rod repair / restoration (handle, reel seat replace or div. repairs etc)


CHF 75.- / hour *


Complete rod construction includes;

Pure cork handle, spine determination, ring mounting with windings, custom logo design, finish 

** Stripping; The blank is reduced down to the naked carbon fiber. This means that all paint and protective varnish is removed and sealed by me freshwhich has a positive effect on the action and total weight of the rods result. Attention blank manufactours warranty disappears by stripping and I will not cover any warranty!!!

*** Material costs are always exclusive. This means that all components such as blank, cork disks, rings, etc. are charged separately. Exact quotations for rod projects are offered by e-mail in writing.


In the form above you can enter your request!!