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Probably the best Euronymph Blank on the Market


ADAMS XTZ…. Feel The Difference


From the very moment we held the first sample of the new XTZ rod blanks in our hands, we knew that the design process had turned it into a masterpiece.

To do this exceptional blank justice, we had to find some of the highest quality rod components available on the market to compliment its qualities to build an outstanding
euronymphing rod. Each of the components was chosen for its special features and contributes to the overall performance.

Let’s have a closer look at the individual components to be able to appreciate the finalized product:




XTZ rods come in two different lengths, 10 foot, 10.6 foot or 11 foot, for line weight #2 with a medium fast action.

“X-TorZion Technology” allows us to build thinner, stiffer and more lightweight blanks than ever before. This innovative technology combines 6 separate ultra thin layers of
high modulus Japanese nano carbon material, applied at varying angles of 45 degrees which neutralize torque and increase rod performance – it can be felt when casting the
line, drifting the nymph and playing any fish.

XTZ’s main features are increased sensitivity, reactivity and a perfect balance. The blank has a smooth but very quick tip recovery with a « crisp » backbone. The tip section
has enough stiffness for a positive and controlled hook set, while the amazing amount of rod flex will protect the lightest of tippets, even when fighting trophy fish.

Applying the advantages of “X-TorZion Technology” into a line of rod blanks, we have opted for a « medium fast action » blank, for a deeper flexing blank, enabling the
angler effortless, controlled and delicate presentations of even very small, lightweight nymph patterns and great casting when switching to a dry fly setup.

Dyed-in-the wool euronymphing purists will benefit from the unsanded « spiral wrap finish» of the XTZ blank, as „mono rigs“ can be subject to annoying line stick with
sanded and painted blanks under rainy conditions; the spiral wrap finish will counteract this effectively.

Adams XTZ Blank

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